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To playlist or not to playlist?

If you’re looking for a DJ to make your special event sparkle, you really don’t want them to turn up with a pre-selected playlist. How could anyone judge the mood before they arrive at the venue?

That’s why I have pledged not to playlist.

If you wanted a robotic monkey to cycle through a pre-loaded playlist, you could simply just plug your phone in and keep the DJ fee in your back pocket. However, most people appreciate the power of music. They understand its ability to set the tone; to create the perfect atmosphere; to get the party started or to slow things down and let your guests get up close and personal.

Music is so often the unsung hero – get it right, and the crowd come together as a collective and create a lasting memory. Get it wrong and the dance floor becomes a gaping hole that sucks the life out of any party.

As a professional DJ, I am passionate about my craft – I am there to bring your guests together and to make them feel comfortable about the situation that they find themselves. No DJ can do that before the event begins. My role – as your DJ – is to carefully study the mood of the audience and to react accordingly. I’m a specialist in playing the right song at the right time.

Let’s be totally honest. Have you ever been to a party or event where the party has fizzled out because the music jarred with the people who were trying to dance to it? Or the ultra-expensive cake that remained untouched on plates because it was too dry? What did you do? Did you approach the host to have a word in their ear or did you find yourself chatting about it with other guests and checking your watch to see when you could reasonably slip out and head home?

An over-dry cake I can do nothing about, but making sure that your music is exactly what your crowd needs can be the difference between an all-time great time and damp squib. And there’s the most interesting point – I will make sure that it is what your audience want to hear because the music is only there to get your audience moving and shaking!

I’ll be honest too. I have been DJing for over 20 years and I have worked with hundreds of clients. It’s critical that I meet their needs – after all, it is there event – but I have learned that the true path to event nirvana is to allow me to work with your guests on the night (or day!).

I have witnessed, first-hand, far too many parties that have fizzled out because I’ve had to work through a playlist given to me by clients that has left the crowd high and dry. It’s also important to make sure that the host enjoys themselves too, so that’s why I have developed a process that works for any party or event and makes sure that everyone has their chance to shine on the dancefloor.

When you book me, you can let me know some details about your event. This is also the time to let me know if there are any songs that you really, really, really hate. We all have a few, so let me know by email.

Upon arrival, I will take time to assess your party crowd and use my expertise to compliment song requests with other songs that work well together. I will continually monitor the dance floor and adapt the music based on my observations and interaction with your guests.

To keep things interesting, I also accept requests from you, your friends and your family on the night of your event. People can be shy or reluctant to approach the DJ, so guests can either text me requests from their mobile phone or use the request pad and pen on each table to request tracks that they’d love to hear.

It can sometimes take guests a little while to understand that they have an input into the evening’s music, so I will proactively invite music requests over the microphone.

I am deeply passionate about music and love to have a busy dance floor when I'm working. I repeat my pledge not to playlist but to work with you and your guests to make sure your event is talked about for all the right reasons - isn't that what every client wants from their DJ?

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