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12-09-2017 - Nick Burrett - 0 comments
To playlist or not to playlist?

If you’re looking for a DJ to make your special event sparkle, you really don’t want them to turn up with a pre-selected playlist. How could anyone judge the mood before they arrive at the venue?

07-09-2017 - Amy H - 0 comments
The Crafty Cow Interactive Smartphone Pub Quiz Review

Pub quizzes are a staple of British culture but did you know that the humble British pub quiz is being sabotaged? Because we live in a smartphone dominant age people are more easily able to cheat when they are competing in a pub quiz! But that will soon be a thing of the past! Speedquizzing is an interactive quiz that you can play in the pub with your mates using your smartphone or iPad by just downloading the free app.


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